Jun 23, 2009


People are fuming over the fact that Brooklyn rapper Foxy Brown may have gotten special treatment while incarcerated at Riker's Island for violating her probation in several high profile assault cases in 2006, unlike her rap mate/rival Lil Kim!

The New York Corrections Department has finally issued a statement addressing the issue and denied that she received preferential treatment while in jail.

The New York Post reported first that prison officials hung out in Foxy's cell, brought her meals and make up, gave her unlimited TV and phone privileges and even let a photo shoot for XXL magazine happen while she was serving nine months at Riker's .

Department Spokesman Stephen Morello responded, "Inmates were entitled to wear their own clothing. That's her choice. The interviews were approved by the (Department of Correction's) Department of Media Services. We do it as a matter of routine."

She lucked out being able to wear her Fendi scarves and Versace shades. Can't be mad. But it definitely ain't right!

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