Jun 16, 2009


A former producer from MTV named Terrence Dean has been giving tidbits and even penned the book Hiding In Hip Hop & Gay Community over the years, writing about men who are in the hip hop and entertainment industry that live on the DL.

And what I mean is, they're secretly gay & try their best to keep it mum because they're afraid it would hurt their career.

Being that Dean himself was a former down low guy, some people believe him and some people don't. He's never dropped names in his books or hints, but definitely gives us major clues.

Here's the latest from the Panache Report Blind Item:

two guys, playing on opposing teams in the NBA finals (who are recognizable by the public) are downlow.

Terrance went on to say that a young actor who started off in another field but who has excelled in acting is also on the downlow.

Also, rumors are circulating about a new artist who has a smash hit out.

Allegedly, the downlow circuit from coast to coast is buzzing about these new recruits.

Who are the two players?

Who is the young actor, hint: co-starred in a movie alongside a female superstar (who excells in another field).

Who is the artist?

Cuhhrazyyy. Who do you think he's talking about this time????

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