Jun 16, 2009


Tyra Banks:
Well this is obvious!

Selita Ebanks (Victoria's Secret Model): It's either a really good bra, or a real good surgeon. You be the judge!

Meagan Good:
Who woulda thunk it lol

Kelly Rowland: She openly admitted to a boob job. Hasn't mentioned her nose job, but it's so apparent in these pics!

Mariah Carey: Uhhhhhh. Yeah. Plastics everywhere. Including her boobs.

Jennifer Garner: Wow those gums are serious!

Halle Berry: The shnozzzz.

Gabrielle Union:
Who nose?? lol

Amerie: The nose fixing is big in the African-American world.

I wasn't sure at first, but by looking at the photos, makes me think. . .

Alicia Keys: Natural beauty can't be found in the entertainment industry. I'm sad =(

Victoria Beckham:
A bad job. Sue your surgeon.

Selma Hayek: This I never knew!!

Fergie: She's had the works from top to bottom LOL.

Megan Fox: She could've gone without surgery.

Britney Spears:
Admitted she had a boob job at 16 in Rolling Stone Magazine a while ago. 16?!! And the nose too.

Lil Kim: The queen B of all plastic surgeries. Her skin has definitely lightened through the years. Boobs to ass implant, do I need to go any further???

Wow. Pretty astonishing I must say! Some I had no idea. I should've figured though. It is the entertainment industry.

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