Jun 12, 2009



The Orlando Magics played the Los Angeles Lakers last night for Game 4 in their hometown of Orlando. They were defeated in another overtime in the series, 99-91. The Lakers now lead 3-1.

Orlando's goin to fight to the death the next game. Best believe it.

On the superficial side, there were a lot of stars sitting in the seats last night, including Rihanna who was sitting at the end of the row right underneath the basket. But guess who was sitting in that same row but on the opposite end??

Chris Brown!!

And I'm sure the two spotted one another. With Rihanna's birds nest of a hair, she's easy to spot!

Sources say both disappeared after halftime and both were within the same vicinity when they went out clubbing as well.

Still, seeing eachother let alone an encounter was definitely awkward! Rihanna is scheduled to testify against her former lover on June 22nd.

What a nice way to start the hearing.

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