Jun 26, 2009


An autopsy on Michael's body is underway but results may take days or even weeks.

With or without the results, the cause of his death is slowly coming to the surface and in all honesty, I can't believe it myself.

Reports are saying that the legend died of an overdose on prescription drugs!

The Jackson family attorney, Brian Oxman confirms the speculation saying, "If you think that the case of Anna Nicole Smith was an abuse, it is nothing in comparison to what we have seen in Michael Jackson's life."

A family insider has spoken up about Mike's drug use as well. The source claims that over the past 3 years the Jackson clan had been trying to get Michael to stop taking prescription drugs and even had an intervention with him in Vegas!

Mike got defensive and denied that he was addicted to drugs but no one believed him. His mother and father also tried to convince him to go to a drug rehabilitation center.

Do the stories hold truth??? Another source close to the family claims that he got the drugs from a member of his staff and that MJ's personal physician, who lived with the singer, had connections to these drugs wherever they were.

In addition to alcohol, Michael consumed straight morphine, Demerol, opiates like Oxycontin, Valium and Xanax!

Reports are saying that Michael was taking daily injections of Demerol, a synthetic narcotic close to morphine which was administered by his personal doc! Family members believe that the doctor who injects the powerful morphine gave him too much on Thursday at 11:30 AM, which lead to the icon passing away!

LAPD towed the doctor's car away which was in front of MJ's house today and told the media that medications pertinent to the investigation were found inside!! Law enforcement also seized bags of prescription drugs from Michael's Beverly Hills home!!!

What's even worse! The doctor is nowhere to be found! He's gone. Poof. Vanished. Police are searching for this doctor, who's name has not yet been released.

Jackson family attorney Brian Oxman says that he will help the police in any way possible in naming all the doctors who prescribed him the drugs and will reveal Michael's personal doctor's name if the autopsy shows that he did in fact die of an overdose by injection.

So speechless right now.

Why did u succumb to using all those drugs and especially injections of morphine Mike?!! Should we blame the media scrutiny, the ridicule of people everyday, the hurt and pain and sorrow and humiliation you had to endure for the reasons you resulted to drugs?? Or should we blame this M.I.A personal doctor of yours who may have, no one knows yet, accidently or purposely gave you an overdose?????!!!! If the doctor didn't do anything wrong, why is he running?????

One things for sure, you did not want to die. Michael has always said that he "wanted to live forever".

Please let this not be true. . . if it is. . . it will truly be the greatest music tragedy.

I'll keep you all posted.

FIND THIS FRICKING DOCTOR!!!!! He has to answer to millions and millions of angry, hurt, devastated people!!!

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