Jun 21, 2009


If you guys haven't been in the loop, Rev Run's eldest son JoJo Simmons was arrested in May after buying marijuana in Washington Heights in NYC.

But besides the criminal possession charges, the 19 year old was also charged with reckless endangerment for crashing his BMW into a parked car in an attempt to flee.

A hot mess. My lawd!

Well in the episode tomorrow airing on Run's House on MTV, the family are going to address the issue for all to see. The episode shows Russell Simmons reminding Reverend Run on his own past before being quick to condemn his young son.

“It’s not about you,” Russell Simmons says in reaction to the incident. “You were a chimney when you were his age. You smoked up the whole house!”

“Well put it this way,” Run responded. “I did smoke weed, but that’s not the point. I’m hoping we can say something to him so that he won’t continue to get a rap sheet. Because if he ever does something again, they don’t just slap him on the wrist.”

The Run’s House episode will air on MTV tomorrow at 10PM.

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