Jun 8, 2009


HOT 97's Summerjam went down yesterday at Giants Stadium. It was to be the last time the concert would be help at the venue after over 10 years plus of holding it there.

So of course the station had to go out with a bang. And man. They did it like an atomic bomb!

Unfortunately I was unable to go bc I had a birthday to attend but I got a lot of feedback from my peoples who were there.

Great performances from everyone & surprise guests. Including the Brooklyn don himself Jay-Z.

He did Put On with Young Jeezy and then did his solo thing, rapping to his newest hottest single D.O.A Death of Auto Tune!

The best part is when he had T-Pain come out on stage to do the song with him. Only a legend like Hov could get the king of autotune to come out and bounce to a joint that's basically sonning autotune.

I seriously get chills when I watch Jay-Z's performance but why didn't Lil Kim remember the lyrics to her song? And I think Dipset brought all of Harlem on stage lol.

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