Jun 22, 2009


Today was judgment day for Chris Brown in the felony assault case vs. Rihanna in whether he will serve jail time or not.

Lawyers announced that a plea deal has been reached and it goes as follows:

  • Chris Brown is found guilty of felony assault
  • 5 years supervised probation and has to check in with the judge every 3 months
  • 180 days of hard labor
  • enroll in domestic violence counseling
  • must stay at least 50 yards away from one another for the next 5 years (vice versa)
  • if they're at the same event, they must stay at least 10 yards away from each other
  • no jail time

Since no cameras were allowed inside the courtroom, a sketch of Rihanna was provided & it's been told that she entered the courtroom only when Chris Brown left, making it easier on her to testify.

And because Chris plead guilty, he is now a convicted felon. All his paperwork and such will say he is a convicted felon and he will no longer be able to vote or carried a concealed weapon.

I say be a frickin saint for the next 10 years Chris Breezy. You got off pretty easy here.

Case closed. We can all now move on to. . . . Rihanna & drizzy Drake lol.

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