Sep 2, 2009


The whole Jay-Z vs. Jim Jones beef has boiled over but there's a possibility of it reigniting if the Capo sees this!

In the recent issue of XXL Magazine, Jay-Z gave us some insight of what he thinks about the whole Jim Jones drama & winds up taking shots at the credibility:

XXL: Speaking of Jim Jones, he and cats like The Game stay throwing shots at you, referring to you as old and washed-up. But you’ve always thrived off that type of competition. So, currently in the most comfortable position of your career, how competitive are you?

Jay-Z: Not really that competitive, because the competition isn’t based on real competition. I mean, Game, I’m his f**kin idol. If you ask him and he’s being truthfully honest with you…it’s just based off his insecurities and, for the most part, pretension. That type of competition doesn’t do anything for me. It’s almost like someone trying to set you up, and everyone knows they’re to set you up, and everybody. It’s just dumb. It’s not in the spirit of competition, because he’s not competition for me. He’s not. Not then, not ever—he’d have to improve considerably. Competition for me competition is Nas, Eminem. Like Jim Jones? That’s ridiculous to me. So how do I respond to that? I can’t win. If I win, then they’ll be like, “See. Now chill. You’re a f**kin’ bully.” And if manages to throw a haymaker from the West Coast, then it’s like “Oooooh.” It’s not even fun. Like, before I did it, because I would diss anybody. Now who has time to do this s**teveryday? But before, when I was running after the little fat n***a from Ma$e’s camp, I was doing anybody. Anybody said anything. If I thought you said something. When I was running in the streets, I wanted all that type of activity. Nobody wanted nothing. Now everybody’s a tough guy.

Can it be true? 2 of the greatest MC's to ever touch the mic may be touring together???

Sources are saying that a Jay-Z and Eminem tour is definitely a go & will kick off sometime next month in LA and the last show will be towards the end of the year in NYC!

Makes a lot of sense since the two hip-hop heavyweights worked together on the DJ Hero game.

Opening acts will consist of Roc Nation's own J. Cole, Wale, Chrisette Michele and other special guests.

Sounds like a moneymaker.

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