Sep 1, 2009


New details have emerged from DJ AM's investigation over his death.

Friends told authorities that the day before his death, AM announced he would be going to rehab since he had relapsed and was heavily using drugs!

Oh no!!

His West Coast manager and recovery sponsor reportedly flew to NYC to see him to discuss his crazy behavior in the previous weeks. When they arrived at his apartment, AM only let his sponsor inside.

When inside, sources say that AM lit up a crack pipe and popped pills right in front of him!!!

From that point, he promised his manager and sponsor that after his gig in Las Vegas last Friday, he would check himself into a rehab in California.

Wow. That show on MTV he was doin definitely aided his weakness. . .

DJ AM is expected to be buried in California later this week.

Crack, cocaine, heroin kills!!!! Stay away!!!!

On a side note, AM was a huge sneaker head and had a monstrous room dedicated to his Air Forces, SB's and Jordans! I mean look at the above pic, can I get pair?!

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