Sep 1, 2009


It's just a rumor but the source is said to be extremely reliable!

The couple have been in an on and off again relationship for the past 2 years but just recently patched things up for good. And word has it50 proposed to Ciara last night!

Ciara reportedly phoned all her family and friends to tell them the exciting news.

All I can say is congrats to the 2 and of course:

  1. You can never be Aaliyah or Beyonce swagger-jocker
  2. You're career is now made up of being Kim Kardashian's friend
  3. You guys will never be The Carters.

I'm just sayin!!


  1. this chick is determined to be successful even if it is off of 50's back. 50 don't be no fool. an on and off relationsip is ok for a couple who are just dating, but if you marry this chick and she decide to leave, she may take half of what you worked for with her. unless the problems that were causing this off and on relationship is completely resolved, this marriage will last no longer the 3 years of that.

  2. why the hell you given congrats to 50 and ciara than turn around and shoot stupid comments at them. why is it's so hard for people to beleive 50 found somebody he's truly happy with. stop with the ciara determined to be successful off 50 cent mess. the girl is already successful and who is you the put a mark on someones marriage. damn it's hard for some people to sincerly wish a couple congrations.

  3. i love this two. 50 pls take care of ciara cos i love her just like i love my girl rihanna. i dont joke with dem two. wish u 2 d best of luck. go on man........