Aug 19, 2009


Shaq Vs. premiered last night & boy was it entertaining! Check it out:


I couldn't find the entire footage but to briefly tell you what happened next, Rothelisberger & Shaq both went to the football training camp to get their bodies ready for the competition.

The game was held at a high school in Pittsburgh & all the seats were filled. However people who watched realized soon that it wasn't a standard football game. Of course not, it's just a reality show!

Well first Shaq had a few handicaps, one was enlisting one of Rothelisberger's coaches to help him train, the next was Ben had to start at the 40 yard line while Shaq started at the 20, there were 7 people per team with 3 possessions each & there was no tackling allowed only hard touch.

Ultimately Shaq was defeated 21-14 despite all his shit talking.

You don't wanna miss this show! Make sure you watch it!!

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