Jul 27, 2009


Superhead aka Karrine Steffans turned her bitch mode switch on yet again!

She recently called into Houston's 94.5 Morning Show to talk about her newest book entitled The Vixen Manual, basically its a how to guide in relationships, marriage & the single life. But when the interviewers started mentioning her first book, the infamous Confessions of Video Vixen, all hell broke loose:

First she got mad at the reporters on CW (you can find the story on my site) for mentioning her first book & her old days as Superhead, now she gets nasty with these people on the radio show for doing the same thing!

Bitch is really starting to annoy me. Shes trying to act holier then thou now and it's pissin me off! Yes Karine, hate to break it down for you but people only know you because of your autobiography, dedicated to giving head.

Somebody shut the girl up!!

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