Jul 20, 2009


Shaq is finally here!

Superman's new reality TV show called Shaq Vs. will have him playing against some of the greatest athletes in the sports world!

Shaq will be competing against Serena Williams in tennis, Lance Armstrong at the Tour De France, Michael Phelps in swimming, Oscar De La Hoya in boxing and so much more people!

The show is a creative way to train the superstar center for his upcoming season with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Shaq believes audiences will tune in because they'd be interested in seeing "an athlete play another sport."

And is he is correctomundo! Haha Shaq is a character, I can't wait to see him try his hand at all of these sports! A genius idea.

The show is slated to air on ABC on August 18th, each and every Tuesday at 9PM EST.

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