Jul 20, 2009


There's some talk that Rihanna has been shopping around a reality TV show that lets viewers enter her life, whether it's going to the recording studio, shopping, hanging out with friends, clubbing & even going on dates, the audience will get to access her private life. The show is said to be like HBO's Entourage, but the female version .

That's interesting!

50 Cent first put his 50, 000 square foot mansion in Farmington, CT for $18.5 million on the market.

Then two years later, the home was finally pulled off the market and dropped to $14.5 million just last year.

Now, the 19 bedrooms and 37 bathrooms, with an indoor gym, billiards room, racquetball courts, a nightclub, another club with stripper poles, has dropped again, but now to $10.9 million!

50 bought the house from Mike Tyson for $4.1 million and spent roughly $6 million renovating it.
He's been trying to sell his luxury pad because he's tired of the 2 hour commute from Connecticut to NYC and would like to downsize a bit.

In this recession, who's gonna buy it??? Although $10.9 million is a pretty good number for this castle like home!

Come to think of it, 50's really not making any profit now from his estate.


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