Jul 19, 2009


This chick is tryina stay relevant.

Ciara showed off her new fresh cut via Twitter & with her photoshoot with Derek Ebanks. I really don't know what to say. We all know her career is plummeting so did she do this to make a statement like Cassie tried to do to save her career?

This new 'do ain't gonna do much! She looks like she trying to jock Rihanna (reportedly Ciara has taken Rihanna's stylist, make up team, everything while Rhianna's recording her album) so it doesn't quite surprise me; or it could be a wig since shes best friends with Kim Kardashian now (umm why??) & we all remember the blonde wig stunt Kim pulled.

Well if it's a wig that's not something new to Ciara lol. She could always go back to her old one.

Hmmm. What do you think???

Rihanna was spotted in the city last week having a nice meal in the West Village at Da Silvano and displayed a new haircut too!

First Cassie, then LaLa, now her. I guess shaving your head is in???? Rihanna rocks it the nicest out of the bunch so far, even with that heavy ass mohawk she got going on.

Rock on

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