Jul 14, 2009


Let's get this rolling with the updates. No need to sugar coat anything lol:

  • The toxicology reports may very well be ready by the end of this week as oppose to the original reports saying we'd have to wait 4-6 weeks. And you think the media coverage of Michael was nuts? Wait till the reports come out.
  • His former plastic surgery nurse Katheryn Bushelle is claiming that Jackson was heavily addicted to laser facial peels to lighten his skin. She claims Michael's fixation started with skin bleaching but then upgraded to acid peels and finally laser treatments to achieve his white complexion. She also says he would constantly take Diprivan to calm the pain & that the anesthetic would knock MJ out for days at a time!
  • I mentioned earlier Debbie Rowe & Katherine Jackson coming to an agreement with the whole custody battle for MJ's 3 children. The agreement was paying Rowe $4 million to give up her custody rights for good.This isnt the first time Rowe demanded money for pay off of his children!

The first time Rowe was paid $8 million plus $900,000 annually for five years after giving birth to Prince Michael and Paris, agreeing to stepping aside & letting Michael raise the kids.

The 2nd time was in 2001 when Jackson was in the middle of his child molestation case. Rowe fought for "custody of her children" (I say that loosely) but ended up giving Michael full custody for another $4 million plus a $900,000 home.

This time would make it the 3rd time she's come around demanding custody of her children & then giving the okay for someone other than her to raise them in exchange for money.

Well say it ain't so!

  • According to ContactMusic.com, Janet Jackson MJ's sister is now putting her bid in to raise Michael's kids.
An unidentified source said "There were a lot of rifts in the family, but Janet was the one person he spoke to regularly and he made the children keep in touch with her too. Ultimately, he wanted Janet to look after the children, with help from his mother Katherine, and was planning to draft a new will to reflect those wishes. He trusted Janet implicitly. When he had health concerns, he had a talk with Janet about how much she meant to him and the children, and how if anything happened to him, he wanted her to make sure the children would be loved and cared for in the same way he was raising them. She told him of course she would."

The family agreed that it would be a great idea since Katherine is at an age where she can't care for the kids entirely.

I hope she becomes their guardian because Janet's been wanting to become a mom!

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