Jul 10, 2009


CNN is reporting that aside from all the prescription drugs that have been popping (no pun intended) up in the news when it comes to Michael, they say that the King of Pop had a particular addiction to Xanax.

Documents state that MJ would send his doctors & security guards go on frantic searches for the sedative whenever he didn't have any.

The documents also say that Michael would take about 10 Xanax pills a night just so he can go to sleep!!

To the ones who aren't familiar with Xanax, it's given to patients who've been in accidents, have particular bodily aches to numb the pain. It's usually given in a high amount of milligrams, depending on what is needed; I would think MJ being MJ, he was able to get the highest mg.

So try to imagine 10 of these pills in comparison to 1. Taking 1 already makes a person groggy and sleep until late in the afternoon, 10 might send them into a coma!

In happier news though, Maddame Tussead's in London debuted their newest Michael Jackson wax statue & this one really does look like him!!

The museum currently holds 13 different wax figures of the legend.

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