Jul 13, 2009


A human side to MJ. Yes he was very much human contrary to beliefs. Here's footage of him buggin out with director Brett Ratner to R. Kelly's (who's a close friend to Michael) Ignition Remix:


Just wanted to post that to lighten up the mood. . .

However you know that wasn't going to last. Michael's sister Latoya has spoken out about her brother's death & agrees with her father Joe that Mike was in fact murdered. She recently spoke to News of The World magazine about her conclusion.

“Michael was murdered and we don't think just one person was involved. Rather, it was a conspiracy of people. I feel it was all about money. Michael was worth well over a billion in music publishing assets and somebody killed him for that. He was worth more dead than alive. I know who did it and I won't rest until I nail them…. A couple of years ago Michael told me he was worried that people were out to get him. He said, 'they’re gonna kill me for my publishing. They want my catalogues and they're gonna kill me for these!”

The saga continues. . .

  • AEG is reportedly trying to put together a pay per view event at the London O2 Arena where they'll air countless videos of Michael from his rehearsals at the venue on August 29 2009, which would have been MJ's 51st birthday.

  • Reportedly there was a secret arrangement between Debbie Rowe & Katherine Jackson. Rowe has agreed to give Katherine custody of the kids if she in turn agreed to keep them far away from Joe and not allow him to have any part in raising them. Rowe claims that while her & MJ were married, he would pour his heart out to her about Joe & described him as a horrible cold-blooded person.

The agreement also states that Debbie will never reveal that she is their mother to the children themselves.

The children are in good hands.. thank Heavens.

That video of MJ really does bring a smile to my face =*T !

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