Jul 8, 2009


Brooklyn rapper Maino is set to star in his own reality TV show????

It's been really hush hush but Maino semi-spilled the beans on Sirius radio show Lip Service that he was in fact working on a TV show that's almost complete but won't be ready for television until the paperwork is signed and filed.

He described it as MTVish with a white boy trying to become a rapper and lives with him in his house. Maino shows the boy the everyday life as a rapper while teaching him the culture of hip hop.

There were rumors that Maino slapped a house guest during the season and when he was asked if that was true, he dodged the question without giving a direct answer!

Although he did say, "Nothing I do is scripted. So if you see me smack someone you know that it's really going down."

Gangsta leanin' no beanin'! Oh I can't wait to see this!!!

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