Jul 29, 2009


Homegal sure loves the brothers!

A source close to Kim says that Kim has her sights set on a new bachelor and the lucky guy is non other then Usher!!!

She asked her publicist to call the R&B crooner to set up a date and word has it that he's agreed to meeting up!

Well well now. This can either be a publicity stunt or her getting her rebound on. The location and time isn't known yet but you know those papz will be there. They would make a good looking couple though.

And, when there's a celebrity break up all their relationship skeletons coming pouring out and this break up is no exception.

Rumor has that Reggie Bush cheated on Kim with a Latina stripper from Atlanta!!

Whenever the former couple were separated due to work or whatever reasons, Reggie would fly the stripper chick to wherever he was so she could get down to business! And what's more embarrassing, the Latina was going to a tabloid with the story to expose all the juicy details but Kim stopped that from happening & made a deal with the tabloid!

Kim did not want to be humiliated by the public knowing that she was cheated on and so that's why things ended up the way they did.

If this is true, Reggie you're an idiot. Although I think Kim is famous for no reason and has no talent except for her taste in clothes nowadays, she is a very pretty girl!!

And if it's true about her wanting to go on a date with Usher, I guess the Reggie thing would be true too because Kim was madly in love with Reg and wanted to marry him, so no girl who felt that deeply for someone would go out a on a date so soon after a breakup, unless he was a dooshbag!

Why do men always mess up a good thing because they think with their other heads?????

And here we go again. Those damn strippers. . . .

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