Jul 31, 2009


In the midst of their whole breakup, there were rumors of Reggie Bush cheating on Kim with a stripper from Miami who threatened to run to tabloids with juicy details, text messages and even a picture of her inside Reggie's home!

But now, reports are saying that Kim may have some text message guilts herself!

FOX 411 is reporting that Kim Kardashian's flirty text messages with Kanye West is what caused the split!

“Reggie saw text messages on Kim’s phone from Kanye West and flipped out on her,” the source tells FOX411.

And these weren’t your average friendly messages.

“The texts referenced a night they hung out, how much fun he had, how hot Kim was, and more racy things that got Reggie’s imagination running,” says the source.

When Reggie confronted Kim about it, the couple had a huge blow-up, and jealousy issues, which had been pretty much kept out of their relationship until this incident, surfaced, according to the insider.

“They realized there were trust issues on both sides, and couldn’t go forward,” says the source.

Reps for West and Kardashian did not respond to requests for comment.

At least both will be keeping busy in the coming months. Bush is starting NFL training camp with the New Orleans Saints, while Kardashian is filming new episodes of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

Doomed from the jump.

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