Jul 13, 2009


The New York Post reported that Gatti's marriage to his wife was very volatile from the beginning:

Gatti’s friends yesterday were mourning his murder – and were not surprised to hear that Rodrigues might be involved. The former junior-welterweight champ and his wife were extremely jealous and often squabbled when out socially and drinking in New York, Montreal and Brazil, sources told The New York Post.

From the beginning of their relationship, his friends, family and boxing advisers warned that she was young, immature and gunning for the millions he had earned in the ring, sources said.

One source said that their disputes were sometimes violent and that she did not hesitate to physically attack him. He told people close to him that she threw a lamp at him last month in Montreal, where they moved after living in Weehawken, NJ.

“The feeling was that either he was going to kill her or she was going to kill him,” the source said.

Gatti’s family, who sources said were not the least bit shocked by Rodrigues’ arrest, learned of the murder while attending his sister Anna’s wedding in Florida.

“A lot of people in his inner circle felt that this wasn’t the right girl for him,” said Carl Moretti, VP of the boxing promotional company Top Rank Inc.

If they're signs are clear from the very beginning . . .

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