Jul 20, 2009


Animal abuser and the ASPCA's best friend Michael Vick was officially released from federal prison today.

For the past two months, Vick had been working in construction and was part of a halfway house program where he helped youth clubs. He had been under house arrest to complete the last part of his sentence.

Sources are saying that Vick is expected to seek reinstatement to the NFL, however the NFL says that the review of his status is ongoing & they don't have a definitive answer yet. Since he was dropped last month by the Falcons, Vick is now a free agent if the league decides to reinstate him.

If that happens, lots of teams are without a doubt going to be gunning for the QB.

Vick now faces three years probation and has a three-year suspended sentence on state dogfight charges.

This uniform is what caused all the drama at the LA Galaxy vs. AC Milan game yesterday night!

Angry fans booed the David Beckham because of his five-month leave to play with the opposing team AC Milan!

The tension was already there but it got worse when Beckham decided to approach the angry fans, trying to extend a hand of peace. Others are saying that there was nothing professional about how Beckham approached one particular fan, causing the fan to leap from his seat jumping onto the field and attempting to attack Beckham!

Here's an account of what went down:

Security broke up the tussle and escorted David back to his team while removing the fan from the field.

Becks is still a member of the LA Galaxy, but he's been trying to buy himself out of his contract to go play full time in Milan.

Uhhh. Do these people not know who Beckham is?!!! Of course not. We're in America. Put it like this, David Beckham is the Michael Jordan of the soccer world & news flash, soccer is the world's sport, contrary to us Americans' belief that football is.

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