Jul 8, 2009


As I had posted a day or 2 ago, Diddy's annual White Party for a charity called Malaria No More went down in Los Angeles this past holiday weekend.

A peaceful fun party was nothing more but a big ol' party of trouble!

So aside from the Chris Brown & Amber Rose fiasco, new reports are saying that Faith Evans & Lil Kim got into some kind of confrontation at the party!!

Sources say that Faith Evans went up to Ho Chi Kim and said "I love you" & Kim responded back with "God bless you."

Seems harmless I know but wait!!

Now as you all may know, there's been bad blood between the 2 for quite some time. In Faith's book that came out last year, the singer pretty much ripped apart Lil Kim, calling her Biggie's sidepiece and just someone he used purely for sex. There was an altercation between the two when Faith ran up into Big's house and found Kim in the bed with him naked! And let's not forget the criticsm from Lil Kim about the Notorious movie & how she felt like she wasn't depicted correctly in the flick. Faith of course played a heavy role in the making of Notorious.

Endless drama!

Well later on during the night of the party, Kim approached Faith and said to her "How would you say you love me when you trashed me in your book?" Sources told AllHipHop that Faith saying that to her was plain bullshit, that it had nothing to do with the movie and that Kim felt hurt because Faith was being fake about her words.

Sources say things got heated & there was lots of screaming and it almost turned into a fight between Faith's husband & Kim's producer friend Choke No Joke who were with them. If it wasn't for Devante, formerly of R&B group Jodeci and Dennis Da Menace who broke them apart, then weaves would've been flying, noses would've been broken or falling off who knows what else!

Devante was the one to break up the fight???? I lovesss Jodeci. Hey hey now. *singing come & talk to meeeeeee. i really wanna feel you. can i talk to youuuuuuu

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