Jul 16, 2009


Former NBA star Antoine Walker has as a $9 million bond warrant for his arrest!!!

According to the Chicago-Sun Times, Walker wrote 10 bad checks in amounts of $100,000 each. Last July he wrote 2 checks for Planet Hollywood and the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas and just this past January wrote 6 more $100,000 checks to Ceasars Palace!

Prosecutors are saying Antoine wrote the bounced checks in exchange for receiving cash or gaming chips worth $1 million!!

They gave him a chance to pay off the debt and he did so but only $150,000 of it! Did u forget about the other $850,000 part of it Antoine???

People are so dumb sometimes to think they could
get away with doing shit like this. I mean honestly, especially if you're a celebrity? Even if you're a C-Lister!

And speaking of dumb:

More details have come out about the whole RJ wedding disaster.

According to HipHopHollywood, Richard Jefferson stopped the $2 million wedding where he left his fiance at the altar via email!!!

What a padooosy!! Couldn't you have called her & been a man about it???? By email & text??? So pathetic.

Word has it that he went to Paris last week with some of his NBA friends without telling his fiance and magically changed his mind. Doesn't take a genius to figure out why he ended it.

Men are ridiculous I swear. So he sent her the email, she was understandably devastated and she had to let her family and friends know that the wedding was off. However, RJ forgot to mention that to his family and friends, therefore causing the media hysteria because they all ended up showing up to the Mandarin Oriental at Columbus Circle where the wedding was taking place without knowing!

How did he make up for the miscommunication & confusion?? He gave them his Amex Black Card to go have fun as a form of apology.

His wife posted on her Twitter how completely traumatized she was by the whole situation and that she'll be going on the honeymoon by herself.

Keep your head up girl. . that's why I say, ladies please make sure he's the one before you go through the hours of headaches and stress of wedding planning for nothing!!!

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