Jun 12, 2009



Solange's man has been a fixation in a lot of people's minds. She only refers to him as "he" on her Twitter and writes little messages saying how wonderful "he" was, leaving many to wonder who the hell he is?!

Many sources did give one clue, that the guy was Caucasian.

Well these photos just surfaced of Beyonce's younger sister, playing in a park with her son Juelz and Benji Madden???

Who's Benji? ???

To the ones that don't know, he is part of the rock band Good Charlotte, is the twin brother to Joel Madden who has 2 kids with Nicole Richie. Benji was also in a high profile relationship with Paris Hilton last year.

The two were reportedly spending the day with Juelz and Benji went so far as to have a table tennis match with Solange's son on his team vs. Solange. Awww how adorable!

So her love is finally revealed. I must say its an odd coupling, but still cute in their own way!

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