Jun 30, 2009


Here's photos of Mariah's newest obsession for her Obsessed video she's currently filming with director Brett Ratner (her video Heartbreaker, Rush Hour 1 & 2).

What you do you think???? Is she cute??


Yes that person photo'd above is MARIAH! She looks like a straight up whiteboy! Possibly Eminem??? Hmm who knows. Rumor had it the song was directed towards him anyway.

Mariah says she dresses as an everyday stalker in the video.

Some more photo's of the video shoot for Obsessed:

Mariah's comment on dressing like a man for the video:

It was weird but I wasn't playing anyone in particular…we (me and Brett Ratner) were actually inspired by the "King of Comedy" starring Jerry Lewis and Robert DeNiro.

I wonder who else she's going to play! Seems like it's going to be a dope video. The song is already bun fiyahhh.

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