Jun 23, 2009


No, the boy didn't eat a zebra to survive, but damn that's hardbody!

9 year old Grayson Wynne used the tactics he watched on the show Man vs. Wild to survive in the wilderness in northern Utah while being lost for 18 hours!

Seeeee. Not all TV is bad!

Grayson watches "Man vs. Wild" on the Discovery Channel every week with his brothers and his dad. On the show, host and adventurer Bear Grylls is dropped in different locations and then shows viewers how to survive the sticky situations.

That's where Grayson says he learned to leave clues behind to help searchers find him!

On Saturday, when he was scared and alone in the Ashley National Forest, Grayson started tearing up his yellow rain slicker, despite the downpours, and tying pieces to trees.

Grayson was among a party of about 15 family members that left Saturday from the Spirit Lake trailhead in Daggett County. The group stopped to tighten a saddle on a horse at some point, said Grayson's dad, Kynan Wynne. But Grayson didn't realize it and went ahead of the pack before diverting onto a smaller trail in the thick forest.

Grayson created a small shelter overnight under a fallen tree. He also left a couple of clues for searchers that he didn't mean to. He dropped a granola bar wrapper about 300 yards off the main trail. Searchers also found a small footprint and a backpack about 400 yards from the wrapper.

When Grayson heard a helicopter, he ran into a field and waved the last piece of his jacket in the air hoping to get their attention. Two searchers on horseback saw him first.

A 9 year old?!!! That's cuhhhrazyyyy.

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