Jun 18, 2009


I felt bad for Kelis when I first read that Nas wasn't helping her with any payments towards his unborn child and that she needed money because she did not have any.

Can I take that back??

Kelis just filed her financial paperwork in court and you gotta read what this girl needs the money for!

From November 2008 to April 2009, her average monthly income was $21,616 and spends $80,831 a month. Damn!!

Kelis says she hasn't toured in a year and that most of her income comes from her concerts, hence the need for money, but listen to this.

She claims she spends $14,861 on her mortgage, $3,500 a month on her nanny (don't you need tp have a baby first for a nanny?) and $15,000 a month on entertainment, gifts, vacations and she says it cost $175 to have the baby rug dry cleaned.

Girl you buggin! Take the rug to the corner dry cleaners and call it a night. Sheesh!

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