Jun 30, 2009


The Young Money crew. Yes that's nasty (literally) Nicky Minaj, Jae Millz, Weezy, Tyga and oh oh who's that?!!!

Yes that's Drake and yes, he has officially signed with Lil Wayne and his Young Money Records for a reported $4 million.

There was plenty of speculation about who Drake was going to sign with since he doesn't have a deal nor an album! Yes I know, you're all probably scratching your heads wondering how so when his songs are all over the radio! Label heads were dying to get the most sought after rapper on their company but Weezy and Baby lucked out. Atlantic Records offered him $2 million but Drake decided to wait it out.

"Today is a definitely a comfortable day for me, having my team now that's been in place for a couple of years. It's just a great day," Drake told MTV News. "It's something new, but it feels familiar."

And according to MTV, it was a joint venture between Young Money and Cash Money Records and his upcoming album Thank Me Later will be distributed by Universal Republic.

"Independent is a funny term. I can go independent, but you need distribution, period. You need somebody to distribute your record and you need that army that a label has to really push the record." Drake said.

Young Money and Drake. Wasn't this obvious?????? I wonder how much cash Baby and Wayne offered him?? Must be a whole lot for Drake to turn down offers from almost every label in existence!

*There's a rumor going around that Drake was robbed right before the BET Awards on Sunday when he was walking around a L.A shopping center. Close sources to him say that his back and leg were hurt.

Is that why he was sitting on that stool during his entire performance???

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