Jun 23, 2009


Seems like all this girl wanna do in all her videos nowadays is make everyone believe that she's hotter then hot. From her first video Never Ever, grinding on the pole; falling into the whole "stripper" shit that everyone seems to be praising, (since when was being like a stripper or just being stripper cool??? Damn these reality tv shows polluting our youth!), to her 2nd video Love, Sex, and Magic, gyrating like mad on Justin Timberlake and now this with her flashing her cheeks! Stop trying so hard!! It looks like a cry for attention.

Cute video though lol. Her dance moves are usually killer but for some reason I couldn't help but laugh during the entire video. (The part where she starts sandwalking LOL. Just looks awkward!)

In any event, I must post the video below in here too. Hmmm. Yet another one??? This deja vu shit is killing me softly Cici.

Imagine the video in color:

Yall know I'm for Team Beyonce. I make it known on my show "On The Corner" & in general. Beyonce doesn't need to prove she's sizzling like a hot plate at the Chinese food restaurant lol.

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