Jun 16, 2009


This is an old photo shoot of Christina Milian since her hair's been platinum blonde for about 3 months now. It for the new issue of Maxim for this month.

Here's some tidbits from her interview with the magazine:

Do you go to strip clubs regularly?
Every now and then. I’m for it. Vegas has good ones. I like the Crazy Horse Too. That one’s literally crazy. Only thing I don’t like about strip clubs is the guys will pay the women to give me lap dances because they want to see them dance for me. The strippers will come over and say, “That guy said he’ll give me $100 if I give you a lap dance.” I’m like, “Hey, can we at least split the money?”

What are the most lap dances you’ve had in a night?
At a strip club in Austin. I think I got four, and I didn’t pay for any of them.

You’re in the latest Bring It On film. Did you use the cheerleader outfit as a turn-on for your boyfriend?
I haven’t brought home a cheerleading outfit. Other outfits, yes, like a maid costume: a cute apron with the mitts and a robe, too. It was red. It was really cute. I try a little bit of everything. I’m all about keeping the excitement in the relationship. That’s why I sing songs like “Dip It Low.” When I’m with somebody, I like to keep it exciting.

Aren't you guys happy! I highly doubt she'd go when she has a man though. And personally I wouldn't spend my hard earned cash on a strip club. Especially a FEMALE one. Why go pay for something when you can look in the mirror???? At least go to a male club!

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