Jul 22, 2009


The buzz about Dr. Conrad Murray being one of the key people being investigated in Michael Jackson's death are endless and the super fishy doctor, who didn't release all his medical records concerning MJ to the police has just received a rude awakening!

8 DEA vehicles with 2 LAPD detectives, uniformed members of the Houston Police Department and 10 members of the DEA's Tactical Diversion Team; alongside 12 DEA agents arrived about 30 minutes ago at the Houston Office of Dr. Murray with a search warrant & the location is currently being raided by the the federal authorities! They're searching for all records pertaining to Michael Jackson!!

Joe Jackson mentioned in the Larry King interview that the doctor went missing for 3 days right after the death happened!!!

This is all adding up!! The toxicology reports will be here next week but the conclusion examiners came up with so far is that Mike was in fact injected with a high dosage of Propofol (the anesthetic).

You will rest soundly soon Michael!! In lighter news, it turns out MJ was quite an arteest. Here's one of his drawings:

Speaking of art, people from all across the globe got many in memorandum tattoos for the King of Pop. Check em out. I didn't think a person would ever tattoo a picture of a friggan singer on their bodies when they've passed away, only Michael Jackson holds that power!!

Shit is real in the field.

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